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Silverwood Theme Park version 3.0

Roller Coaster Alley was created in 2001 by brothers Mike Pettey and Chris Pettey. Both brothers reside in the Northwest and consider Silverwood their "home park". As Silverwood grew in size and popularity, the brothers decided to create Roller Coaster Alley as a place for Silverwood Theme Park fans and guests to connect online. The brothers have visited Silverwood dozens of times over the years, and continue each year to work with park management and the online community to improve and enchance the site.

Mike has been a theme park fanatic since age 7, when he took his first trip on the Revolution at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Mike is also a member of ACE (American Coaster Enthusiasts). He made his first trip to Silverwood in September of 1993. Mike's primary responsibilities include the majority of the writing and text on the site, as well as managing most of the information that is posted.

Chris braved his first coaster at the age of 6, when he rode the now-replaced Galaxy coaster at the Seattle Center Fun Forest. Since that time, Chris has visited parks across the country, riding dozens of roller coasters. He made his first trip to Silverwood in September of 1999. Chris is primarily responsible for the imaging and the coding for the site. He created the majority of the site's design, graphics, and pictures.

Mike and Chris