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2018 Scarywood Haunted Attractions and Rides Guide

For 2018, Scarywood features 5 haunted attractions, 6 scare zones, and 1 show. Several rides are also open, two of which have special features only for October. One being Timber Terror backwards, and the second being the Log Flume (new for 2018), which is rumored to have some level of haunts/scares throughout. Here we give you our ratings for these attractions.

With all of this, 2018 will be the year with the most attractions Scarywood has ever done, and as such it's going to push even our limits for trying to squeeze it all in one night. We still think it will be doable, but the one wild card for us is going to be the new Magic Show. Should this prove itself popular, you may end up spending a lot of time waiting for and watching this show. Timing will be everything for appropriately fitting this attraction into your itinerary. Then again, that's not too different from how Zombiewood Express was back when it operated...that always took up at least 1.5 hours of our night.

We are not rating the "regular" rides that are, for all intents and purposes, operating as they would any other day of the year. If you're interested in our take on those, check out our 2018 Silverwood Attractions Guide.

One final note: This guide does NOT yet include Dillusion, Pharaoh's Curse or the Log Flume, as we haven't yet experienced these attractions. We'll add those after we visit the park.

Haunts and Attractions

Blood Bayou - 9/10 - This is the longest-running haunt at the park, now in its' ninth year. Housed in the old Ice Palace building, this is by far the best attraction when it comes to theming. This is the stuff of legend, and we mean it. The forest scene alone at the start still blows us away as a truly Knotts-esque level of detail. It's long, elaborate, and will blow you away. In recent years, we've noticed some of the props not working quite as well as they did in the past, and we would LOVE to see the "flying" scareactors return at some point, but those are minor complaints. This is definitely a "do not miss".

Total Darkness - 7/10 - Walk through maze through pitch black hallways. It's a clever idea, and if you are afraid of the dark, you'll be sure to be shaking when you exit. But we've never been terribly fond of this one, when compared with the others. All too often you end up bumping into people, getting lost and/or turned around, and the "scares" get pretty predictable after the first couple of minutes. Definitely worth doing if you've never done one similar to it before. But if you find yourself having to cut something from your night, this would probably be our recommendation.

Planet Zombie - 8/10 - Theatrical walk-through maze featuring Sgt. Buzz as the lead character. This replaced (or perhaps was intended as a "sequel" to) the incredible award-winning Zombiewood Express, likely as a means to increase capacity. We'll miss the train ride, as it was a truly unique experience found no where else. But this is a surprisingly fun adventure in and of itself. What it lacks in themeing compared with Blood Bayou, it makes up for in story. You'll feel like you're right in the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse.

3Dementia - 8/10 - 3D walk through maze, complete with spinning vortex tunnel, blaringly loud dance music, and a ton of other dizzying effects. The haunt has never quite reached the same level of perfection as it did in its first year of operations, but we still love it. It's different from everything else in the park, in that it's a lot more about the "visual weirdness" than about the "startling" or "gruesome".

Timber Terror Backwards - 10/10 - Being coaster geeks, this is actually our favorite part of Scarywood, and that should come as no surprise to all of you! Timber Terror is a fantastic ride to begin with, so the added thrill of riding backwards just pushes its excellence that much further. Even if you don't like Halloween stuff, we recommend going to Scarywood at least once just to ride this coaster backwards. Our suggestion: hit this up first thing, as the line can get long very quickly.

Scare Zones

Clown Town - 10/10 - Well themed, awesome lighting effects, terrifying props, tons of fog and lots of scareactors. This is everything you want in a scarezone, and consistently our favorite of the bunch.

Crime Scene - 9/10 - This used to be over by Tremors but has recently been relocated over by the log flume. The famous "Leatherface" scareactor calls this place home, and if you're not careful, he'll sneak up on you with his chainsaw. We absolutely LOVE watching his interactions with guests. That's what makes this scare zone special.

The Doll House - 5/10 - More a photo op than a true "scare zone", this doll house over by Corkscrew can make for the occasional scared guest. But more often than not, we see it simply being passed by.

The Nest - 7/10 - We love the theming on this scarezone, as a long tunnel of spiderwebs that seems to go on forever. But that's about all there is to it. Aside from a few animatronic props, there's not really much that's "scary". But it's absolutely amazing to look at!

Scarecrow Corner - 8/10 - Located in Coaster Alley near Spin Cycle and Panic Plunge, this maze of bales-of-hay mixed with scarecrows is again an awesome sight to behold. The thing that gets us every year is how truly hard it is to tell the fake scarecrows from the real ones. It's awesome!

The Crypts - 5/10 - Another one that is more of a photo op or "filler" than anything else, The Crypts is located over by the entrance of the park, near the Train Station. We'll give the park credit for not leaving this area forgotten, but we'd also love to see this plused up a bit.


How would you rate the haunts at Scarywood differently? What are your favorites/least favorites? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Last but certainly not least, let us know what other topics you'd like to see covered.

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