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Silverwood Theme Park version 3.0

Scarywood 2011 Photo Trip Report from our October 15th Visit!

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Another shot of the entry way.

Blood Bayou is truly the crowning achievement of Scarywood over these past three years. With scares lurking around every corner, it is almost impossible to leave this attraction without your heart racing. The theming inside had some great enhancements, with several new props and surprises that you couldn't see coming at all. Scarywood should once again be proud of this haunt - it continues to give even the attractions at Knott's Scary Farm a run for their money. It's truly hard to express how awesome the Blood Bayou is in words. Simply amazing.

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Aside from the four main haunted attractions, Scarywood offered a few other small surprises. First of all, the popular "Old Tyme Muggs" shop was turned into "The Dark Room: Nighmarish Photos". This store provided similar old-style looking photos, only these had haunted and spooky twists to them.

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Outside the new shooting gallery was another place you could get some fun photos taken. Scarywood is asking you to email yours to the park, and they might post it on their Facebook page!

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An interesting sight we just had to get a photo of - the Log Flume and splash down pool completely drained.

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Speaking of rides - you'll notice this new plaque as you enter the Corkscrew queue. ACE presented this to the park this past August for all of Silverwood's efforts at preserving this historic roller coaster.

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And don't think we forgot about Timber Terror. The ride was once again running backwards, and it was a ton of fun yet again. If you haven't already, you've seriously GOT to try this out!

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Riders head up the lift hill in reverse.

We said it last year, and we'll say it again - even if you don't like Halloween haunts, it's worth it to go to Scarywood just for Timber Terror backwards! Just be sure to hit this up first thing - rumor has it the line can get pretty long in just a short period of time! Head on over to Tremors as well this year. The first tunnel has fog machines and strobe lights, adding a nice effect to that first drop into the earth.

In summation, we thoroughly enjoyed Scarywood this year. Each attraction provided its own unique blend of everything that made it great last year, combined with enough new scares and themeing to make it all that much better this time around. If you haven't been yet - there's still two weekends left in October. Are you brave enough?


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