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Scarywood 2018 Photo Trip Report - Page 2

Let's first talk about the returning haunts: there's four of 'em. Back from 2017 are 3Dementia, Total Darkness, Planet Zombie, and of course, Blood Bayou. In a nutshell, we found all four of these to be largely the same as prior years, and we suspect that most guests wouldn't notice much if any difference at all. Each is still fun in its own right, as each is slightly different and unique.

3Dementia is a favorite of ours, and continues to be what we would say is the most "fun" of all the haunts.

The music is great, and the special effects are awesome.

We'd love to see some new effects thrown into the mix at some point, but this one continues to stand on its own.

Again there were two spinning tunnels, just like in 2017, but the first one wasn't operating during our visit.

Planet Zombie was also basically the same as last year.

The biggest difference being the absence of Nick Norton as Sgt Buzz in person during the walk-through.

Other actors have taken his place this time. But as mentioned earlier, he's much better utilized on stage in the magic theater, so we're glad the park made that change.

And, you'll still get to see him in character on the big screens when you're in the queue.

But overall this haunt lives up to the hype - the theming is top notch, and all the zombie actors do a phenomenal job.

Total Darkness is still our least favorite of all the haunts, mainly because there's not much more that can be done with it, and we've been through it so many times that the "novelty" has admittedly worn off for us. If it's your first time through, you'll probably enjoy it, but otherwise it's essentially just a pitch-black maze. If you're scared of the dark, it will scare you to death. If not, you may just find yourself annoyed with constantly getting lost, and running into (or being ran into) by other guests in the maze.

And finally, Blood Bayou. What more can we say about this that hasn't already been said? It's awesome. Best themed haunt in the park, and it gets more gruesome and gorier each year. One surprise for us was the queue length. We literally walked right onto it in the middle of the evening. That's something we've never seen before. Maybe we just got lucky this time? Still, it's troublesome to think that perhaps the popularity may be waning. Then again, this is in its 9th year. So perhaps it needs a re-tool or a shot in the arm to keep people interested in coming back.

Shifting gears a bit, let's talk scare zones. Overall, we felt the scare zones seemed scaled back compared with 2017.

The bales of hay in Scarecrow Alley seemed shorter than before, giving more prominence to the surrounding rides, which really distracted from the ambiance.

And The Nest, which has always been our favorite, was all but removed.

Instead of the creepy spider tunnel that we've seen for the past few years, it was just the main pathway lined with a few of the spider webs.

This was a huge disappointment, and we hope to see this improved back up to the level it used to be.

On the plus side, Clown Town continues to be our overall favorite.

The lighting, props, music, and actors throughout really make this one special.

It's always fun to watch other people come through here, especially those who are truly terrified of clowns.

Crime Scene, home to the infamous Leatherface, wasn't really in one place that we could tell. There were two guys with chainsaws - one over by the log flume, and another over by Corkscrew as you head towards Clown Town.

The Doll House, which is more of a photo op than anything, was given an upgrade with some very creepy animatronic figures.

And the Crypts was over by the entrance of the park, and looked much different from previous years. Gone is the "statue" that's really a person waiting to scare whoever decides to go in for a photo.

Speaking of the park entrance, this whole area (including main street) really stood out to us.

After going through the old park gates by Lindy's, guests are routed around the north end of the train station before crossing the tracks. Lining this pathway were a ton of awesome looking sets and props, all of which really set a great mood for the park.

All of it was awesome!

Additionally, all the shops and stores on Main Street were boarded up with caution tape, which gave the whole area a very creepy feel.

We were really impressed with this, and would love to see this level of theming continue to spread through other areas of the park that lacked it this year.

And one final observation - something we were very happy to see - was the increased presence of security throughout the entire event. It seemed a lot heavier than in years past, and that's always a good thing. Bag check was much more thorough as well. Kudos to the park for keeping this a high priority for Scarywood.

In the end, we left Scarywood as we always do: tired, petrified, and completely satisfied overall. Another great year in the books, and we're already counting down the days until Silverwood re-opens in May...and when Scarywood re-opens in September!

Very special thanks to Dave Pettey, our guest photographer and correspondent, for his contributions to this Photo Trip Report!


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