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Silverwood Theme Park version 3.0

Scarywood Photos from Our October 17th, 2009 Visit!

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Inside, more the country BBQ.

Huck's General Sto(re) had also been changed - though you won't find any "Twilight" movie merchandise inside - just Scarywood shirts and such.

The spiders had taken over Garfield's Summer Camp as well. This is where the Trick-Or-Treat area was.

Kids entered over on the other end of GSC...

...but they have to walk under the giant spider...good luck!

Trick-or-treat stops were marked with big candy corn signs. #1 was just past the big spider, this is stop #2 - at the Birthday Pavilion.

Stop #3 is at the Stuffed Animal Factory - you can get your face painted here, too.

Yup, more spiders here.

Stop #4 is at the Tiny Toot station.

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