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Silverwood Theme Park version 3.0

Scarywood Photos from Our October 17th, 2009 Visit!

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Naturally, spider webs covered the tree fort.

In the words of Silverwood's mascot, "Nice Touch".

Tiny Games hosts stop #5.

And, last but not least, stop #6 right by the regular entrance to GSC.

The kids really seemed to enjoy themselves...and some of the costumes were quite intricate!

Here's the entrance to Terror Canyon Trail - looks quite different.

Normally, that is the lift hill for the rafts back there - it looks so strange with no conveyer belt, or water!

The ramp leading into the beginning of the maze.

A nice graveyard scene greets you as you walk down the path - it looked even cooler at night.

Silverwood turned off the water cannon on this ride, and apparently hid it under the patch of dry, brown grass. So, no one got soaked as they made their way into the maze - it would have been interesting if they had left it on...

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