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Silverwood Theme Park version 3.0

Two New Rides for 2013!

January 22, 2013

(North of Coeur d?Alene, ID) ? Silverwood Theme Park has announced the addition of two new rides; the first a thrilling new 104? tall giant thrill ride exhibiting 3.5 Gs, with its name yet to be determined, but will be through a naming contest. The second a family-fun ride named Barnstormer. Both rides are expected to open this spring and will be operating for the 2013 season.

Recently purchased from Italian manufacturer VISA International, the new thrill ride is being shipped and will arrive at the beginning of April when it will be assembled and ready to operate at the beginning of the 2013 season. Also Italian-made, Barnstormer has already arrived at the park and will be assembled as soon as weather permits and the snow dissipate.

With an expense of over $2.2 million for the two new rides, Silverwood continues to invest in its infrastructure to maintain its position as the northwest?s premiere destination for family fun and thrills. The naming contest will run from January 22nd through February 22nd. Submissions and contest details can be made at

Ride Specs:

New 2013 Thrill Ride (Name to be determined through contest)
Ride Height: 104? ? 2? came off of the total of 107? because it is being installed in a pit to keep it ground level (handicap accessible).
Ride Width: 58?
Ride Depth: 42?
# Seats: 24 - Outward facing
Speed: Gondola rotational speed: 13 rpm; Swing speed: 14 rpm
3.5 Gs
Manufacturer: VISA International, srl.
Total Cost with install and transport: $2 million
Cost of ride with transport and customs: Approximately $1.35 million
Arrival date at the park: 4-15-13 (area of installation will be prepped and ready; ride can be put up in 5 days). It is shipping via land and sea in 5 containers from Italy.

New 2013 Family Ride
Ride Name: Barnstormer
Manufacturer: Zamperla (Italy)
Manufacture Date: 2000
Ride Height: 25?-7?
Ride Width: 30?-5?
Ride Depth: 26?-2?
# Seats: 20 passengers (can be 20 adults)
Speed: Variable up to 10 RPM
Hourly Capacity: 500
Ride is currently located in Scotch Plains, NJ
Ride will be transported via flat bed semi truck
Total Ride cost $200,000

Thanks to Silverwood for the information and concept art. We're very excited to try out the new rides when the park opens in May. Stay tuned for construction updates as these two rides take shape!

-Mike & Chris
Roller Coaster Alley