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Silverwood Theme Park version 3.0


Silverwood Theme Park is at it again! The park has announced they will be adding three new attractions in 2011 for a total investment of over $2.3 million! First up, two new kiddie rides will be added to the park - the Froghopper and Butterflyer - both of which are sure to be a blast for thrill seekers of all ages.

But that's only the start. Roller Coaster Alley is proud to be the first to announce that Silverwood will be expanding Boulder Beach yet again, adding a new, custom, first of its kind family raft ride called Ricochet Rapids! This new slide, like the Avalanche Mountain slide, will cascade down a 40 foot hill into a 30 foot valley with the additional exhilaration of a steep drop into a 20 foot diameter enclosed MEGA tube. Five to six riders will "ricochet" up and down the sides of this gargantuan tube before continuing down the sharp turns and drops of the mountain. Here are a few quick facts about this amazing new slide:

Height: 70 ft
Length: 737 ft
Width: 10ft to 20ft
Max Speed: 20 mph
Vehicle: 4-6 person circular raft

Check out this animated preview video of Ricochet Rapids!

Click Here for Larger Image
As indicated here, this slide will start and end using the same mountain as the Avalanche Mountain slide.

The Butterflyer.

The Froghopper.

As with every new attraction Silverwood has installed in prior years, Roller Coaster Alley will be with you every step of the way as these new attractions take shape. Incidentally, if you have any information, photos, videos, or anything else you?d like to share about this amazing expansion, send us an e-mail, or head on over to the message boards and share your thoughts with the RCA Community!

2011 promises to be yet another year like no other for Silverwood and you'll find all the info you need to know right here on Roller Coaster Alley, the internet's #1 Silverwood Fan Site.

-Mike & Chris
Roller Coaster Alley